Video of Kids at Recess

Here is a video from the morning I was out at recess with the kids from La Verbena School, here at my office.

Pile of Desks

This ugly pile of desks sitting in front of our central office (waiting to be taken away) is the result of what some of you may remember seeing in AMG´s monthly newsletter. ( I hope you´re reading it!!!) I remember month after month, in the section called ¨partnership opportunities¨, seeing the request for donations to purchase desks in Guatemala. Well, we have now replaced the terribly worn old desks in 8 of our schools across the country...It was kindof exciting to see this pile as I walked around our property here, after having seen that little ad each month for so long! I noticed that some that were still useable had been pulled to the side and given a nice fresh coat of paint... in pursuit of using all of our resources with the very best of stewardship!

Thank you to everyone who sent in money to provide new desks for our children here! We still have hundreds more to replace, so I look forward to seeing many more piles of old desks in the future!

Some pictures from this week.

I went out and visited with some our kids at recess the other day and Bob took some pictures. The children are so precious and are just hungry for attention... I think especially from Men, as many of these children have no fathers in their home. I was so impressed with how are teachers relate with the children, play with them and seem to really enjoy being with them...such blessings!

Being able to walk out my office door and see the fruit of this ministry is truly special.

Child Sponsorship

I am truly amazed at what we provide here at AMG for a mere $28 per month sponsorship. I think if you could experience how souls are saved, lives changed and needs provided, you too would join me in sponsoring a child...or maybe more than 1!

$28 per month provides a child from the poorest of poor neighborhoods here in Guatemala an education, daily food, clothing and love. More importantly than all these vital physical needs we share the truth of Christ and train them through God´s word.

If you are interested in sponsoring one of our kids, please visit my website and click on ¨Child Sponsorship¨ at the top. You will be redirected to AMG´s website and given information on how to sponsor a child in Guatemala.

One day you might even be able to come visit us and your sponsored child! It is one of the great pleasures we get to experience in our work...introducing sponsors to their children...face to face!

Please consider it!

Life in Guatemala

So sorry to be so long in posting! As you can imagine we have had our hands full getting settled, fighting a terrible virus, the kids starting school and me starting at the AMG much new! We have been trying to take one step at a time so as to not get too overwhelmed by it all!

We are here! After so much work and preparations we cannot believe we are actually living and working in Guatemala. The Hastings family has been such a wonderful blessing to us...they prepared our home for us, took us shopping for basics and made what could have been a very difficult transition such a pleasure. Thank you so much Bob, Robin and Family!!!! God has blessed us so much with our home here, our children´s quick adjustment to their school and my transition into work. Our house is in the suburbs of Guatemala City and only about 20 minutes from Antigua...a beautiful colonial city that will be perfect for short escapes from the city. We are surrounded by mountains and volcanoes so the landscape is so enjoyable. The children are attending the Christian Academy of Guatemala which is only 1 block from our house...another incredible blessing! They love the school and have made great friends already with both Guatemalan and other missionary kids.

We are really enjoying finally being settled somewhere. This is the first time in several years we felt like we were laying some roots and could call someplace home. I have worked 7 days now at the office and am beginning to get a feel for this complicated ministry! I am amazed at what we do here with such limited funding, small staff and so many children! The team in our office is amazing...the majority of them could be earning more in the private sector but choose to come here every day in order to serve the Lord here. I can´t wait to share the fruit of the ministry with you all as I experience it each day. Yesterday I was introduced and got to welcome 500 primary aged students to their first day of school... it was great seeing them in their new uniforms, shoes and backpacks (provided by AMG) and their incredible excitement at being back at school... I think many of them would rather be here than anywhere else! It was also nice seeing many improvements since I was last here...fresh paint in some classrooms, a new computer lab for the kids to learn computation and a fully functioning dental clinic with a dentist. (on my first visit here they were just building the clinic.)

We still have much to learn, so much to experience here and more settling to do...but we´re here! Many many thanks to all those who have helped us to get here...supporting us with your prayers, your finances and so much encouragement... you are such blessings to us.