Sunday at Bible Believing Baptist Church

We were so blessed to spend Sunday with this wonderful family of believers from Gray! I enjoyed preaching on Sunday morning and felt very welcomed by Pastor Vail and the entire church. I shared from Matthew 5 & 6 on lessons from the Sermon on the Mount...concentrating on how we are to deal with our possessions and in contrast with the lives of the Pharisees.

The kids enjoyed being with past friends from Eastgate, new friends and our good friends the Doughtys. The Doughtys joined us for the afternoon and a quick dinner. Sunday night we gave our missions presentation. Mary spoke on how God brought us both together with this calling and how he prepared us through his word and I shared the vision of the ministry and what life will be like for us in Guatemala. What a great day! Thank you to all at BBBC for welcoming us with open arms!

Happy Birthday Brody! 2 Years Old

We celebrated Brody's second birthday today with a whole bunch of family and friends! The house was full of kids with my sister Bridget's gang: Camden, Zoe, Aiden, Lily and Evan; my niece Haley's two: Audric and Nouvelle, Mary's neice Rebecca's sons Trey and Tyler and of course our five! We had a pre-summer barbecue and finally got to use the grill after finally having the deck clear of snow! Thanks to everyone for making Brody's day special!

Snow Returns!

On Wednesday it was 65 degrees and the snow was melting away and on Friday it snowed over a foot!! Here's the kids playing on our driveway snow-bank. It was a bit discouraging but spring is coming soon! The kids always enjoy it so that's a plus!

Hello Troy

My brother-in-Law's biggest concern about our blog was that he was missing from it! So, here is Troy during a visit to Alton Bay this summer.

Troy is famous for sending out wacky pictures to the family so I thought this one would be perfect for our blog! We love you Troy!

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Alton Bay Winter Carnival

We had just a great weekend with all of our friends from Alton Bay Christian Conference Center. We arrived in time for lunch in the dining hall and reconnected with all our friends we had not seen since summer! We all had fun playing "broom-ball" on the ice, relaxing by the fire, eating a wonderful dinner prepared by the dining hall crew (Thank you Rich and Linda!!!) and then a great worship service in the chapel. The kids participated in skits and singing worship songs.

The Allen Family Singers led the worship with their incredible harmony and genuine love for the Lord! What a neat family ministry they have. It was also great having a road-trip together as a family and just getting away for a day!

We had the chance to share our missions plans and progress with a number of families and received alot of encouragement in the process! We praise God for all our brothers and sisters in Him!

Clockwise: Aaron, Abbie (backto) playing brush
ball, Brody getting hugs from Timmy and Jordan

Easton Baptist Church Visit (Massachusetts)

This past weekend we had the joy of visiting our former church in Easton, Massachusetts. Easton Baptist Church was so welcoming to us. It was like turning back the clock nine years! We spoke in the morning service and then returned for a supper where we presented our story and calling. Our old friends were so encouraging. Denis Keith (the former pastor) returned for the evening and our friends the Reese's and the Richard's visited to hear our presentation as well. The Richards were so kind to have a bunch of us over for dessert following the presentation. Thank you to the Lundbergs (Steve & Becky) for your wonderful hospitality over the weekend and for opening your home to us.

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Eve Natalie is Growing

Eve is now 2 1/2 months old! She is starting to smile at us and is cooing frequently! She is a real cuddler and spends most her time sleeping or cuddling with Mom and family. It's neat having another little girl in the family again!

At the Lundberg's

Here's Emily Lundberg with Jordan, Abbie and Aaron enjoying a homemade frozen pudding pop... compliments of Emily! We enjoyed our visit there so much. The Lundbergs are planning a visit to Maine in a few weeks to enjoy some snow. We can't wait!