One Year in Guatemala!

We can´t believe we´re even saying it... but we´ve been here for an entire year already!  What a year it´s been!  Well, what are we up to and how are we feeling after a year here?  Well, firstly we KNOW we are where God wants us and couldn´t be more impressed with the ministries of AMG here in Guatemala.  The fruit we witness every day is such a blessing and keeps us going.  2009 was a very challenging year for us... so much to learn... so many new experiences.  Living here is quite an adventure to say the least...not knowing what we will experience around every corner...literally.  We have seen things that we wish we hadn´t seen and we´ve seen things that made us laugh our heads off.  We´ve come to love a people whose warmth is difficult to compare...whose traditions are culturally rich and incredibly festive.  There is so much need here and we are so pleased to be part of a vibrant ministry to provide for it!

Our children are back at school following their Christmas break.  Abbie is working very hard rehearsing as part of the school´s february broadway show.  She continues to study piano and voice and just loves music.  The boys are never without anything to do and love playing with their friends, sports and just being outside.  Eve is all girl, enjoying her new pretend up a storm!  Micah is now creeping along furniture and will probably be walking in no time! He has such a fun personality and is a wonderful addition to our family.  Mary is busy with a women´s bible study, many new friendships and caring for our family and home. 

Things at AMG are extremely busy with our year-end finance, strategic planning (we are working on our 5 year plan) new ideas, new partnerships with other ministries and the new school-year kicking off yesterday! God has provided for many great changes here and we are looking forward to great fruit in this new year.  We have made significant organizational changes that reinforce our "Theory of Change" which is our framework for working toward permanent transformation through Jesus Christ.

I am very much looking forward to the First Baptist Portland men´s missions team that is coming to help us on Feb. 20th.  It will be such a joy to show our ministry to my good friends from our home church and to have them here working with us for a week.  They will work on finishing our new medical clinic, painting our general assembly hall and other necessary projects.  Buen Viaje guys!!

What have we learned this year?  To trust in the Lord with all our heart, that there is such joy in having only HIM to rest in, that giving everything up for HIM is incredibly freeing, that working in the midst of poverty and pain brings you close to HIM, that working for HIM is so satisfying...