Children at Work in Guatemala

This boy is from Antigua, Guatemala and is one of many children that work for a living to help support their families. He is heading out for a day of shoe-shining. There are laws against child labor here, however they are not enforced and many kids are robbed of a decent childhood, education and start to life. Please pray for the working children of Guatemala. Our program at AMG helps to get children like this into a loving school environment, food to eat and most importantly learn about Christ.

Sleeping Brody with Eve at His Side

Brody was asleep next to Eve who just laid there happily clutching him! What a pair!

South Gardiner, Maine

We had the great pleasure this past Sunday to speak at the Riverview Congregational Church in South Gardiner, Maine. We were warmly welcomed by this loving church and they were so generous and encouraging! It was a joy having our parents there to hear our formal presentation for the first time. Mary was suffering from a headcold and I had lost my voice since Thursday, so God was so good to give me a voice and Mary strenghth to share! (I must say that I probably sounded like a 14 year-old with a changing voice!!) Mary and I both presented and Abbie played violin. Brody was removed from the scene for disorderly conduct. :) Pastor Johnson and his lovely wife, Cynthia arranged for a dinner after the service and we enjoyed fellowshipping with our brothers and sisters from South Gardiner! Great food... and we know how much effort you all made to do this!! Thank you so much Debra for arranging all of this. Thank you Pastor Johnson and Cynthia and the ladies of the church. We look forward to visiting again!

Mary and Debra at Riverview

Mom & Dad Welch (&Eve) Mom & Dad Dennett