Merry Christmas and Thank You So Much!

From our family to your´s... Merry Christmas!  We are so greatful for your prayers, your encouragement and your financial support.  This has been one of the most challenging years of our lives...but one of the most blessed as well.  We have adjusted to life in Guatemala, learned many new traditions and have fallen in love with the people and ministries of AMG Guatemala.  I cannot for the moment think of anything more gratifying that we could be doing.  God is Great! As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord!

Merry Christmas Everyone!  We miss you all so much!

Bundles of Love Missions Team

We had the great pleasure of hosting the Bundles of Love team from the U.S. and to distribute new backpacks, shoes and supplies to several thousand of our sponsored children.  The team consisted of Ken, Dee and Harrison Ivins from Chattanooga, Megan Reese from Delaware, Ruth Reed and Linda Ivins from Pennsylvania, Fedde (Fred) and Grieta (Grace) Wielinga from Canada (originally from Holland), and Phil, Jen and Megan Wilson from New Hampshire (and working hard to get here to join us in ministry!) 

The team had a wonderful experience interacting with the children and their parents and then helping us treat our teachers and employees to a wonderful Christmas Party on Friday.  They brought along many gifts for our employees, did facials with all our female workers and joined us in celebrating a fruitful year of ministry.

We also had the joy of visiting with our sponsored kids and giving them Christmas Gifts...always a blessed time.