GHO Medical Team

I had had the great pleasure of hosting the GHO Global Health Outreach missions team led by Mark and Joy Moores at AMG´s hospital in Cubulco Guatemala. They brought with them surgeons, doctors, nurses and a dentist. While here they perfomed many specialized operations and did medical outreach in the villages surrounding Cubulco. We are so grateful for their love of Guatemala, their many years of serving us in this way and their friendship as brothers and sisters in Christ!

It is always a wonderful opportunity for our staff to work alongside these professionals and minister to the spiritual and physical needs of the community. We loaned our entire english department to them for the week as translators and they made it possible to communicate well with our hospital staff there. Thank you so much team! We can´t wait for you all to come back!

Lives Transformed

Our purpose here at AMG Guatemala is to transform lives... not just here on earth but forever... the man I am speaking with in the photo above is the tailoring teacher in our Nahuala project in the department of Sololá in the west of Guatemala. We visited there recently and he shared with us how he was a former sponsored child in our program, became a Christ-follower while attending, graduated, attended our vocational tailoring program and went on to become the local tailor in his community. He earns a good wage working as the local tailor and also works with us teaching because he "wanted to give back that which he received from the Lord, through AMG". He had such a passion for leading these children to the Lord and to independence through their hard work and learning a useful trade.

This man filled me with joy! I was so excited after talking with him, seeing such wonderful fruit from our ministry here. This is what we are all about! Thank you so much to all you child sponsors out there... you are literally tranforming lives!