Bon Voyage

Well, this is probably our last posting before actually arriving in Costa Rica. We are currently "closing-out" our lives here in Maine and preparing for the big day, January 1st. As we're getting ready, we are thinking of all of you and how much we are going to miss our family, our friends and our life here in Maine. God brought us back here in 1998 and the last thing we ever thought was that we would be moving away again! Thank you all soooooooo much for every way you have helped our family... praying, supporting, encouraging, packing and so many other ways. God has surrounded us with the most wonderful family and friends. What a tremendous blessing! We fly out at 5:40 a.m. on Jan. 1 and will arrive in San Jose at 1:15 p.m. to start our new life. Please keep in touch with us through our blog or email or or by phone, which we will be communicating once it is all set up.

Bon Voyage! In Christ, Brian, Mary, Abbie, Jordan, Aaron, Brody & Eve

Address Book

Hello All!

We are trying to update our address book with emails for everyone so that we can keep in touch once we leave. If we do not have your email, could you sign our mailing list form so we can update our records? Simply click the link below:

Thanks so much!

Brian and Mary

Packing Packing!

What to bring for a year??? This is the dilema we are currently facing. We have been buying luggage here and there and everywhere... clearance racks, bargain basements and of course, our favorite place, Mardens! We need a total of 18 bags. (12 check-in bags and 6 carry-ons) We will spend our last days getting moved out of our rental home in Old Orchard Beach and figuring out just what we want for the next year that will fit into our 18 bags. I never thought I would be down-sizing our life to fit into a bunch of suitcases! What an adventure life is! We are excited, scared and every other emotion you can think of but most of all TRUSTING GOD for this huge change in our life. (p.s. that is not our beautiful matching luggage pictured to the right... ours is every color of the spectrum and every shape and size!!!)

Christmas in Guatemala

Abbie and I had the joy of going Christmas shopping for our sponsored children in Guatemala last month. Their teacher was kind in sending us the pictures above of the two boys. They each got a wheeled bin with some toys/games as well as what is probably their family's very first Christmas tree...that they were able to decorate themselves! A small tree, but cute! These boys are Jordan and Aarons age... They are each holding a picture of our family! I can't wait for us to be able to spend regular time with these children!

Memorial Service

Loni (My Mother-in-Law) & Holly (Earland's Daughter)
Mary's Tribute
I don't know of a time when I didn't know Earland. He was in my life from very early on. He and Irene were so loving, kind, thoughtful and just plain joyful people! Earland would always take time to talk with me, share a story, give a big hug and do his famous Donald Duck impression! I remember frequent dinners at their home with Earland's excellent cooking. We rarely had steak at our house so Earland's special grilled short-cuts were the best. He always brought Planters cheese balls (his employer) and Coffee Nips to our Friday night bible study gatherings...such a treat for a young girl. Earland and Irene were such a Godly influence on our lives. I remember Irene and my mother spending what seemed like hours on the phone together praying each morning before I left for school. Earland would stay late into the night talking with my father about God's Word. He baptized my grandmother and I in a neighbor's pool when I was 13...what a blessing to be baptized by such a close friend of the family! When I was around 8, I made a request to my parents that Earland and Irene be my Godparents...if anything happened to my parents, surely I would want to go with them!! This never really became official, but I always considered them as such. Who would have ever dreamed that years later he would become my step-father! What a gift to our family. I will miss Earland tremendously but look forward to spending eternity with him.
Brian's Tribute
17 Years ago Earland came into Loni’s life, my blessed mother-in-law, and then mine as well. Earland and I instantly became close friends and he embraced me almost like a son. Earland and I shared a lot of miles… he loved to go along on business road trips with me and we shared our lives on those trips… the good, the bad, the hilarious…our life’s trials … disappointments and joys.
Earland loved people and he loved to share stories about all the people in his life… many of you in this room have been a part of his wonderful stories. If I laugh when I meet you, chances are I’ve heard a story about you…

Earland shared his love of bird-hunting with me and we hunted all over Jackman every fall for the last ten years. He knew every old logging road and all the best spots to get birds. He taught me well and I will enjoy the sport for the rest of my life. We’ve gotten horribly lost, had a flat on the summit of Bald Mountain, shot a partridge that was already dead and were even chased out of the woods by an angry Moose. Ironically, Earland learned to love this sport from his father-in-law, a native of Jackman… and then got to turn around and do the same thing for me. I praise God that we made it out just last month for one final trip to Jackman together. My sons have joined us the last few years and have fallen in love with Jackman right along with us… what a gift he gave us. The gift of his life and his time. Jackman will never be quite the same.

Earland loved people. When he was selling Planters Peanuts and Fleishman’s margarine he made friends all over the state… they were more friends than customers. After he accepted Christ, he quickly shared his faith with his customers, his friends and his family. He was serious about his love for Christ and wanted those around him to find the same joy he had. Many can look back to Earland as having been the one to first introduce them to their Lord, which changed their life. As a pastor he got to finally do that full time and lead many to the Lord.

I am going to miss calling and hearing his excited voice “hey buddy!!!” I’m going to miss his humor. I called the day before he was admitted to the hospital. Loni got him for me and he said “HHHELLLLO” (sickly) Earland? I said…. “I’m just kidding!!!” he said. He was a nut even in the midst of suffering!

Earland finished nearly every night in his recliner listening to Rosemary Clooney singing a few of his favorite songs, For all we know and I’ll be seeing you were two of them. “I'll be seeing you in all the old familiar places” well, I travelled to Calais this week, without Earland, for the first time in years. I saw him in all the old familiar places. I take joy in knowing that I will be seeing you again, buddy. Earland loved the Lord and knew that his last days were the culmination of everything he ever taught, counseled and preached… that Jesus Christ is the only way to eternity and that through Him we will enjoy each other again. For now, I will be missing you… but I will be seeing you again Buddy.