AMG International´s New Website

I invite you all to visit AMG International´s new website  They have done a nice job reorganizing, adding new features and sharing all pertinent information about our many very exciting and interesting ministries worldwide.

I was very excited to see that a girl from our Verbena School, attached here to our central office (where I work!) was on the front page of this global website!  I just sent our Education Director out to the project to get her and show her this beautiful picture.  She is now famous!

Visit from the States

While living in Costa studying spanish we met the McVaney family. Dr. Kevin, Colleen and their four children.  They were the first family we met and they handed us a ziplock bag of spagetti and sauce on our first night there!  We quickly became friends and enjoyed several trips with them and of course being their neighbors! 

Kevin surprised us last week with a visit to Guatemala to see our ministry and we enjoyed showing him around and having him in our home.  We visited the home of a sponsored child in a very bad neighborhood near our central office and were deeply touched by the experience.  Later that day we visited one of our schools, a stark contrast from the terrible and dangerous neighborhood that it operates in.  Our director Elsa gave us a tour and we were all so impressed with her organizational skills, the condition of the project and visiting with the children.  Thank you Elsa!

Thank you Kevin for your visit!  We miss you guys!  Below are some photos of our time.  Click on the slideshow for a larger presentation or to see the photos individually.

La Niña Independencía

Here in Guatemala we are preparing to celebrate Independence Day.  No, not the 4th of July, but the 15th of September! Each year prior to the holiday, the younger students compete for the title of La Niña Independencía or kinda-like the Independence Day Queen.  I had the priveledge this year of being one of the judges.  The kids were so cute!  They were rated on presentation, expression, dance and dress.  Each student was dressed in traditional Guatemalan dress and also had to give a small talk on various themes.  The slide show below can be clicked on if you would like to view it larger or slower.