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Most of the work the Dennetts do in Guatemala revolves around children and young people because 50% of the population is under 16 years of age . In 28 Christian schools and childcare centers throughout the country, the urgent needs of children from families living in extreme poverty are being met. The truly needy children in each village and neighborhood are identified as AMC works in partnership with local churches and Christian leaders who direct the day-to-day operation of the childcare centers. In these facilities, Christian teachers provide instruction from a Christian perspective. This is an excellent way to develop leaders who can make a real difference in their families and communities.

Over 7,000 children arrive at the centers early in the morning and stay until late afternoon. They are fed a healthy snack and lunch (the main meal of the day). These young children are involved in a variety of activities - singing, crafts, listening to Bible stories, games,recreation, and personal attention. Each child receives gifts of shoes and clothing on an annual basis. We also provide medical care when possible through our medical fund or one of our medical clinics. Dental care is provided when possible through one of our dental clinics. Short-term missions teams visit throughout the year to provide medical and dental services as well, including more specialized help such as specific types of surgeries and dental procedures.

In the isolated town of Cubulco, 40 miles north of the capital by air, AMG is demonstrating the love and concern of Christ through a christian hospital. (serving nearly 20,000 patients per year) Medical care is provided to the people of Cubulco and in the surrounding area. Most are Indians of Mayan descent. Every patient and family member who comes to the hospital hears the Gospel presented. For many who are steeped in superstition, this is their first exposure to God's Word. Hundreds have come to know Christ through the hospital. Complete dental care is also offered here.

Each sponsored child from fourth grade and above has the opportunity each and every year to attend a week at AMG's Camp Canaan. The camp is located on a forested mountain ridge that provides a beautiful setting to learn about the Creator and to enjoy the world that He has made. Thousands of children attend camp each year and remember it as one of the highlights of their life. Full-time counselors live and work with the young people, and for many campers the week is a time of spiritual renewal and growth. Many return home committed to follow Christ and to work hard to develop the whole range of their talents and abilities to better serve God.Camp Canaan is especially designed to serve the children's needs and has excellent facilities - three duplex cabins; a chapel; a large auditorium/gymnasium that also serves as a dining hall and includes the kitchen, offices, and overflow housing; a swimming pool; sports field; basketball court; and covered cookout area.Each January, leaders from AMG's 30 projects in Guatemala enjoy a 3-day retreat at the camp for training, renewal, and fellowship. This helps build a sense of community and sets the course for the coming year. The camp is also used by church groups and families for the same purpose.

Vocational training provides people with opportunites to make a better life for themselves. This is the objective of our program in Nahuala, a town two hours west of Guatemala City. Typing, sewing, and carpentry are some of the skills taught.

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