Christmas at My Sisters

We have had a wonderful time here at my sister Bridget's in Maine! We prayed for snow and we got plenty. The kids have had a ball playing in it. Thank you Troy and Bridget for making us feel so at home! The video is a short clip of Christmas morning with all 10 kids and the four of us. What a special Christmas!

Abbie with her Christmas Gift... a new guitar! She was so excited.

The gang playing outside...

We need to pick out a boy name.

We're Done!

This has indeed been an emotional month for our family. A year of hard work, solid friendships and lots of learning has come to a close. We are so grateful that we had the opportunity to come here, to learn spanish (and alot of other things too!) and to meet people that will be serving the Lord all over the world! Mary and I each had 900 hours of class time! We want to thank everyone who helped us to be here this year... without your support and prayers this could have never happened! Glory to God! The pictures below are from this last month...our graduation and some of the kids activities as well.

Blessings Abound

Saturday night Abbie and I walked down the main drag to Mega Super, our local grocery store. We purchased a few things and I paid for them. My wallet snaps onto my belt and then flips inside my pants in order to conceal it. I apparently failed to flip it back in...leaving it hanging on my waist. We left the store and then walked down a dark street to drop Abbie off at youth group at an area ministry called the AMCA house. I then walked home and then discovered that my wallet was missing!!! I was just sick over it! I immediately retraced my steps with a flashlight...several times, with no luck. I returned home and cancelled my credit cards and then contemplated how I would handle replacing my drivers license, when I no longer live in Maine, my scuba license, various membership club cards, ect... aghghgh! I was very mad at myself and in a bit of a panic until I remembered a visiting pastor here telling us to NEVER PANIC... God's will is perfect. I thought "how ridiculous of me to panic and worry!" I then prayed that God would deliver my wallet into the hands of a christian... honestly thinking that the chances of that were quite slim and that God must have had a different plan in all this.

Well, last night we had the Diems, the Wilson's and a few neighbors over for a litte party and who called but the Director of our school. She informed me that a wonderful Christian woman had called her, from her church, after having found a wallet which contained among many things, my student i.d. card with a number to the institute. I called their cell phone and they are returning it to me tomorrow night after a bible study. God is so good! I need to learn never to panic...God is in control and has always been so good to me.