On The Mend

It's almost the end of our fourth week here and we are all feeling better, getting fairly accustomed to life here and learning so much spanish! This weekend Mary learned the secrets of making the best tortillas with a bunch of other ladies... she made them last night with butter, cinnamon and sugar... almost like fried dough! Abbie was completely better this morning, so went back to school after having missed a few days. She had a makeup test and got an A... I'm taking Jordan to his first soccer game today at 3:45...he is looking forward to playing. The coach is excellent and speaks no english, so this will be a great learning experience for Jordan. He has made a good friend from Mississippi, Jackson and enjoys playing with him. Each day when we pick up Brody at 1 pm he jumps up and down and runs to us...what a greeting. What a blessing that the kids all seem to enjoy school. I have my first Examen grande tomorrow morning... a 2 hour grammar test. I NEED TO STUDY HARD tonight. Well, gotta get back to clase! ~ Bri ps...we are hoping to take a bus to the beach this weekend with Debra.

Our School's Website

I thought some of you migth be interested in checking out our school's website. The kid's part of the school, Sojourn Academy has a great photo gallery of the school campus.



We Are Connected!

Hello Everyone! Just this afternoon we finally got hooked up to the Internet! Our phone now works: 207-221-3240 and you can call us just like we were at home in Maine. We made a few calls home this afternoon and worked perfectly! We are anxious to get back to blogging soon... tonight we'll not have enough time to do much as we must "hit the books"! Mary has her first big exam tomorrow and I have to record a bunch of phrases for my Fonectica Class. I will include some pictures of our home here in Costa Rica. Please pray for Jordan and Aaron...both sick with fevers and aches. Brody kicked off the sickness with massive vomiting last Sunday night. Eve kicked in the following night with much of the same and then Jordan. Abbie joined the club later that night and then I got it as well. I stayed in bed all day on Tuesday with Abbie...neither of us could move! I don't know when I've felt more out of it. Wednesday morning we were both right as rain and Mary got sick. We all went to school today and felt good until Jordan had a fever this afternoon. Aaron, who had avoided the whole mess, now has a fever tonight! TGIV Thank God it's Viernes (Friday) tomorrow and we can recover and rest over the weekend. Despite all the sickness and hard work at school we're doing fine and really do like it here. We are on our 17th day of sun and high 70's. Below are some pictures of our home and neighborhood.