A Blessed Time in the States - Continuing Challenges in Guatemala

Well, we just returned to Guatemala late last week, following a wonderful trip in Massachusetts, Maine and New Hampshire... spending quality time with both family and friends.  I got to visit Spring Air (my former employer) and actually share with the workers in spanish!  I also spent the day with Ed Bates, my former boss, and we had such a nice time visiting and catching up.  We enjoyed time in our home-town, 2 family reunions (Dennett and Payne), time with our church family in Portland, some rest at Alton Bay and then a few nights at the beach (thanks to our insurance company) with both sides of our family.

We had a couple of challenges during our visit, Jordan (our 12 year-old) had a ruptured appendix and was very sick... spending nearly a week in the hospital recuperating from infection that was spread through his body.  God is faithful and Jordan is fully recovered and better than before.  We suspect he had wrestled with this sickness for months as he had complained of abdominal pain in the past. 

Our last day in Alton Bay, Micah choked on part of a freezepop package (we believe) and went unconsious (incredibly frightening!) and was rushed to the hospital by ambulance.  A doctor was sent to meet the ambulance halfway and Micah was attended to very well in Huggins Hospital in Wolfboro.  All ended well, with very joyous mom, dad and siblings glad to be loving on our little guy once again.

I enjoyed speaking in several churches, sharing our passion for the ministry God has called us to!  Our church visits were so encouraging and we enjoyed seeing so many close friends in the process.  We hosted a work team in April from Fellowship Bible Church in Chester, NH... these simply awesome people hosted a barbecue for us all and we got to spend an afternoon sharing.  What a joyful afternoon... we really felt as though God used that time to prepare us for our return to Guatemala.  I had begun feeling some aprehension and then left the barbecue excited to begin our work once again!

We arrived back in Guatemala to a wet country reeling from the destructive rains that have continued through what is now being described as the worst season ever. 

We mobilized our teams throughout this time and have been distributing food, water and helping to rebuild homes of those affected.  We are also planning several community projects, like the rebuilding of a bridge used by our students to attend on of our schools.  This will benefit the entire community as well! 

Please pray for a rapid end to the season and that we would have time to dry out!

Today I am enjoying visiting with Nico Kattenburg, a missionary with FRMI (Reformed Church of Canada) who will be joining our team and working with us on the planning and monitoring of our results.  We also have all of our staff from our 8 city projects here for a day of general training... such a blessing! 

We are so grateful for all of your prayers, support and encouragement!  Many blessings to you all from Guatemala!!!