Seguridad en Casa

We are so grateful to our landlord, Gaston, for hiring out the construction of our new security wall in front of the house. Our house was the only house in the area without such security and we felt that in order to rent to future students they should build one. It is almost finished and will have lighting and a video intercom/doorbell. The kids will now be able to play in the front yard and I will not have anymore solicitors knocking on my bedroom window. (this actually happened a month ago)

The builders compared living here in San Jose as living in prison only you have the key... he was joking, however it does take some getting used to. We call it living in bird cages, as all the houses are caged in. In addition to the new wall in front, we have bars on all our windows, iron gates with padlocks in front of every door and a high wall surrounding our back yard. And to think that just 8 months ago I left the keys in my car in my driveway each night!
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3 Crosses

Sorry we've not posted in a while... we have been extremely busy with the end of our 2nd trimester (exams, studying, etc...) Last weekend Abbie, Jordan, Aaron and I went with some fellow students on a hike to the 3 crosses... it was a challenging hike (great elevation gain!) with incredible views from the 3 summits... each with a different cross. Leave it to Jordan to enter and try to climb the tallest cross...apparently the razor wire and security fence made him feel welcome! Enjoy the pictures:

Happy Birthday Aaron!

Aaron celebrated his 7th birthday last week with breakfast in bed and a fiesta with his schoolmates. They all made their own pizzas and then had a treasure hunt and other games. We are so proud of our little man and enjoyed celebrating him!!!


ILE has a student sale as trimesters are ending and we get to buy each others stuff. We got this great batman costume for Aaron for $2. ($1000 colones) ... And to think I had to use a tee-shirt with a hand-drawn bat and my blanket with a clothspin.
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