My Big Cyst-er!

Before you think that I can't spell correctly (somewhat true) I want you to know that I have a big sister, Debra, here in Costa Rica who had a big cyst on her ovary. When we were deciding on a language school to attend a couple of years ago, my sister expressed an interest in attending and actually was granted a sabatacle from her school system (speech therapist) in Maine to come too! What a blessing! She ended up being one trimester ahead of us! Well, she was rushed to the hospital here in San Jose on Thursday morning and was taken in for emergency surgery to remove a grapefruit sized cyst on her ovary. We were very worried, however, it is in times like these that you find out how God can work out the smallest details, and how He shows His love and mercy through other Christians. We are so impressed with our experience at the Clinica Biblica Hospital and the doctors that we have dealt with there. Please pray for Debra and a quick recovery for her! Thank you!!!! ~ Mary